Friday, 16 October 2015


I cannot believe that it has been that long since I posted on my blog!

Life really is so full of busy things and good intentions.  I have been crafting all year with my crafty friends and enjoying lots of new products and trying out different techniques.  I cannot promise to bring you everything that we have done, but here is our project for tomorrow.  It was created after going to a demo day earlier in the year at IndigoBlu.
The delightful masquerade mask was on show, created by the talented Mike Deakin.

I fell in love with this and thought that this is the right time of year to complete one for myself.... for the crafty showcase:)

You start off with a plain brown paper mache mask that you can buy from most craft shops, and mix with a box of trinkets, buttons and stash, black gesso, metallic acrylic paints and here you are.

For exact instructions pop along to the site of Mike Deakin.

I have included pictures here of the before and after for you to see how mine turned out. Can you spot the word 'MAGIC'?  I thought I would add this for fun.

 As you can see almost anything can be used for decoration, I have used some metal charms and also created some little embellishments using the modelling clay 'hearty soft' used by Katy Sue.

Once all your decorations are firmly stuck down, it is advised that you use a hot glue gun for this.  Do be really careful with the metal and heat combination - health and safety!
You should then give it all a really good coat of black gesso to cover all the shiny surfaces and to allow the paint to adhere properly. This can be heat dried.

I have used the english cottage range of metallic paints from IndigoBlu.  - Blue - sleeping beauty, Green - emerald city and Purple - aladdin.
Once this was dry I brushed gold and sliver highlights over the final mask and embellishments to make them 'pop'.

I couldn't call it finished until I had added the 'girlie' touches of lace and feathers.  I hope you like this, I am really quite proud at my first attempt.
Thank you for having a read... I hope to be back soon X x

A couple of close up pictures would be lovely too.

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